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17 Apr


Fast Facebook: The Revoltionary FaceBook Client For Android

April 17, 2012 | By |

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Bored with the slowness and heaviness of facebook clients? Try Fast Facebook for free!!!
Low battery and memory usage. It is active only when you want. No hidden services or annoying notifications.
We need to thank you ALL, without the community Fast Facebook can’t exist!!!
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Facebook Page:
Twitter: @FastFacebook_

Comment, share and like 
Real-time Home feeds
Write new status
Read notifications
Share contents from other android apps
Access to news, status, photos, links, videos, …
Search friends, people, pages and everything else
Write on friends’wall
Access to Groups and Pages
Read your private messages
Add Photos
Add locations (check-in)

View Albums and Galleries

Background themes (grey, app theme or photo loaded from your Device)
High security level: Facebook takes care of your user and password, we don’t store anything!
Android 4.0 Design

Features Coming Soon:
View Events
Please send us feedbacks. Don’t post 1 Star, we are in BETA! Your opinion is important for us. This app is free, remember!

- Showcase:
Increased the number of types of news 
User Photos in the News
News and news in detail horizontal view
Color identification for each type of news
Added Groups (Reading, Comment, Like, Share)
HD Images
PinchToZoom on Pictures and news
Possibility of removing “Likes” by a news

Added New Chat system
Added list online / offline Friends
Real-time notification in the chat with multiple users simultaneously (no background)
Added search form for Friends in chat
Friends List expandable and reducible
Chat also in horizontal

Optimized scrolling speed of Buddy List
Quick Search form 
Cover photos and friends time line

Login / Logout
Added menu backgrounds
Performance settings added (Ability to change the performance settings and option to free up cache)

-Image Gallery:
Added Albums
Added comments displayed for each image
PinchToZoom on each individual photo

-Private Messages:
List messages with details of the person you contacted
Easy searching of the person that you want to contact
Possibility to send private messages directly from your profile page

Optimized loading speed
Optimized pagination News
Optimized the update rate Notifications
Optimized speed of loading images
Optimized search speed
Fixed all the bugs found
Added possibility to open notifications in Groups


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02 Apr


FastFacebook: all the articles on the web

April 2, 2012 | By |

Born several articles that deal innovative App Team2Soft issued by a few days.

There’s items, good reading:


Red Mond Pie

Addictive Tips



App Brain

Android Caotic

02 Apr


HTC One S & HTC One X – Videos

April 2, 2012 | By |




24 Mar


Android Controlled Robots

March 24, 2012 | By |

  • Amazing-Android-Robots








14 Mar


TAG Heuer Racer: a $3600 Android smartphone.

March 14, 2012 | By |

TAG Heuer, the popular Swiss luxury watch maker (a subdivision of Louis Vuitton, in turn owned by luxury goods group Christian Dior – see where I’m going here ?) is known for providing a unique balance of build material quality and precise technology… in watches. You can only imagine how surprised we were to learn that they have recently announced the TAG Heuer Racer, a luxury Android smartphone that will be available for purchase starting this July, at a starting price (I really wonder what that really means, since we’re talking about a smartphone!?) of roughly $3600 / 2800€.


12 Mar


4000mAh battery pack for Galaxy Nexus

March 12, 2012 | By |

Modern smartphones are often plagued by less than stellar battery performance, which sometimes makes a full day usage of the device impossible.

If you love your Galaxy Nexus, chances are you’ve been rather disappointed by its measly battery life. In that case, you’ll be pleased to know that an extended (really extended) battery pack is now available. Produced by Mugen, the 4000 mAh extended battery pack  for the Galaxy Nexus also comes with a built-in stand and a new battery cover.  Note that the extra battery hours come at the expense of a bulkier phone, but that’s to be expected.

mugen samsung


07 Mar


How to Get the New Google Play Store Now

March 7, 2012 | By |

1. Launch the Android Market
2. Update Google Music
3. When the update has been installed, go to your home screen
4. Pull down the notification shade and tap the Settings icon
5. Tap Apps
6. Go to Market under the “All” tab
7. Press “Clear Data”
8. Open Play Music (that’s what the new Google Music is called)
9. Tap the Market icon in the bottom tray
10. Confirm the upgrade

You’ll be able to tell if you have the new “Market” by looking at the icon in the “Play Store” app. If it’s the new white colored sack with a multicolored arrow on it, you’ve got the new one! Also, the “Market” will no longer show up in your app list, it will have been replaced with the “Play Store”.

05 Mar


Samsung: Flex Displays – Is this the future?

March 5, 2012 | By |


We’ve recently talked about Samsung’s fascinating plans to incorporate flexible and bendable displays into its products, and noted that the first devices to be equipped with flexible panels will come later this year.

Now, a Forbes report confirms the Q2 2012 timeframe that previous sources have suggested, but also offers us a tantalizing glimpse of how exactly Samsung is going to implement its ground-breaking plastic-based AMOLED technology into actual products.

05 Mar


Edge Displays Coming Soon?

March 5, 2012 | By |

Samsung Flexible Displays Folded Edge

Although the rumored foldable screens are definitely coming to Samsung devices, Nomura Research analyst Richard Windsor says that we shouldn’t expect them sooner than 2013. Nevertheless, this year, we can hope to see another amazing development from the South Korean mammoth tech company – bezel-less smartphones with displays on their sides. Although the idea seems crazy, a mockup image provided by Nomura shows us that the concept can look very appealing.

25 Feb


Samsung unconfirmed news: Bezel-less Super Device

February 25, 2012 | By |

The customer is always right – and the customer is you. Samsung has earned itself a warm place in many a smartphone owners heart in the past year. Another facet of their business that is highly respected is their display/panel business. Arguably, they produce some of the finest displays in the world.

And so today we have a rumor from Korean news outlet that claims that Samsung is actively developing an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich based bezel-less smartphone. Depending on your own feelings, you will take this as either a positive or a negative thing. Regardless of what you think though, it is clear that this is another example of Sammy pushing the envelope.

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