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24 May


Microsoft to release an Office app for Android and iOS (From thedroidguy)

May 24, 2012 | By |


Rumor has it that Microsoft has been working on a tablet version of its hugely popular office software. Microsoft had denied the reports sometime back, but the rumor mills have heated up again after versions of the app have been spotted running on iPads. If such an app is really under works, it can be considered to be a move in the right direction. Currently Google docs is the top choice of Android users, which is a very good application no doubt, but has its own flaws. It would be interesting to see Google docs competing with the Office suite from Microsoft, which has a well-established customer base.

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23 May


The best Android travel apps (From Android Central)

May 23, 2012 | By |


We love Android. And we travel. A lot. And after thousands and thousands of miles and more airports than we can recall, we like to think we’ve got a handle on the best Android travel apps. Some are obvious and likely already are on your phone. Others might require a download. Some are free, some will cost you a few bucks. (And, like most things Android, there are alternatives for everything.)

What do we look for in the best Android travel apps? In a word: Reliability. The last thing you want to do when you’re out of your comfort zone — be it in another city, another state or another country — is to have to fumble with your phone anymore than is necessary.

So grab your passport, strap in and join us after the break as we give you our top picks for the best Android travel apps.

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22 May


Late-night poll: Texting and driving

May 22, 2012 | By |


Full article click HERE

21 May


14 May


Fast for Facebook – Update 1.5

May 14, 2012 | By |

New Update 1.5 has been Released. Please Try it:

–> PlayStore <–

Share with customized privacy options
Review of the sharing content before real sharing
Added Cross Promotion, this is not admob or similar. It's only a PNG! No bandwidth consumption
Front camera bug fixed

Added bookmarks menu for pages and groups
New swipe between news
New layout for share menu and news visualization
Improved chat layout

Added white theme and dark font

Pictures and photos
Higher definition


For any question contact us:

Facebook page:
Twitter: @_FastFacebook – @FastFacebook_

11 May


10 May


Preview of new Update !

May 10, 2012 | By |

New privacy option is ready !


25 Apr


Security System for “Fast” for Facebook !

April 25, 2012 | By |


I the next update will be implemented a new Security System.

20 Apr


FastFacebook has been Published on

April 20, 2012 | By |

    Diretc Link


    BY WHITSON GORDON APR 20, 2012 10:30 AM 16,495 33 Share


    Fast Facebook Brings a Speedier, Ice Cream Sandwich-Inspired Facebook Experience to Android
    Android: If you’ve used Android’s Facebook app recently, you know how slow and bloated it’s become. If you’re tired of staring at the Facebook loading screen, Fast Facebook is a cool, customizable, blazing fast Facebook client for Android.
    Fast Facebook does exactly what it says it does: it’s fast. Profiles and photos load nearly instantaneously, and it even has some fancy animations to go with its new, Ice Cream Sandwich-inspired look. You can do nearly anything the official app can do, like post status updates, write on your friends’ walls, chat, and more. Plus, it even has a few extra features, like themes and the ability to choose the resolution of photos (to tweak how fast they load). The only things it doesn’t currently do are event invites and push notifications, but it’s still in beta, and the developer is working on those features right now. Overall, it’s much better than Facebook’s official app, so give it a go if Facebook has you a little frustrated.

    Fast Facebook is a free download for Android devices.


20 Apr


FastFacebook published on XDA

April 20, 2012 | By |

    direct link

    Fast Facebook Brings Slimmed Down Experience

    What do many users often request from the Facebook mobile app development team? A faster, less bloated experience for starters. And a way to theme it would be nice as well. Whether it is small bug fixes or big feature omissions, there are a lot of users who are frustrated and dissatisfied with the official Facebook application. Now, those users have a second option.

    XDA Forum Member taomorpheus has created a Facebook application dubbed Fast Facebook, which looks to fill in the gaps where the old Facebook left off. It promises a much faster and smoother Facebook experience, without sacrificing any of the features. It even includes a few features that the standard Facebook application lacks.

    Fast Facebook can be themed. Unlike other themed versions of the Facebook application, there are theme packs for Fast Facebook that allow users to change the look themselves and upload their own backgrounds from their photo gallery. Think desktop wallpaper, but for Facebook. The application also features pretty much everything you’d need in a Facebook app, including the chat function, usual notifications, posting on walls, and so on. The application’s big claims to fame, however, is how it is designed to be streamlined and run more quickly and is based on Android 4.0 design language. It is a beta, though, so expect there to be a few bugs when roving around. taomorpheus is working hard to iron them out but a beta is a beta.

    More information, screen shots, download links, change logs, and feature lists are available in the application thread. Go get your Facebook on in a different way.

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