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Team2Soft is a young company that aim to develop quality software for mobile platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone).

We have strong presence on Android Google Play store, click here to check our Apps.

Most of our Apps are free to allow to our users to have the best experience without spend money.

Fast Messenger (with Facebook©)


Fast Messenger has been improved to be your

new way to communicate with your friends.

cool: clear and minimal design

handy: easy to configure and use

smart: fast, low band and memory usage.

secure: all messages are encrypted and they are not stored in our database.

With Fast Messenger it’s also possible to chat with your Facebook friends directly from your facebook account without doing a new login.

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Jungle is challenging you to be the fastest writer ever.

You will play against all Jungle’s players in the “Daily World Tournament”, and you can challenge your friends (from Facebook or Google Plus) one at a time or train yourself with the single player mode.

The game rules are really simple: write as much words as possible with the innovative “Game Pad Keyboard”: a long series of correct letters and words will unlock you bonuses and achievements.
Multiplayer mode it’s easy: every match is formed by 3 rounds, the player with the highest score is the winner!
Share your results on Facebook and challenge new friends every day.

What are you waiting for? Join the Challenge and follow our community on Facebook

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Mobile Technologies make it possible to stay in touch where ever and when ever you feel the need to communicate.


Few click to send messages, images and promotion to all the people you want.


Messages are sent directly to targeted people’s personal device without waste of resources.


Little colorful banner with few important words are more attractive than long and boring texts.

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The right set of Apps to manage your Facebook© Account.

Fast for Facebook



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Fast Messenger



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Fast Lite for Facebook & TwitterFast_lite


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They are all free, learn more

Social Networks connect people each others, simplifying the concepts spreading.


Biggest part of people are Social Networks users, and they are connected to them many time

per day.


Social Network promotions could become viral phenomenons through users, reaching great results using few resources. 


Users are usual to publish their interests on their Social profile, these info allow to spread concepts to the most valuable people.

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