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19 Jan


Relax Lights HD – New Colour projector / ClockAlarm App For Android

January 19, 2012 | By |

Relax Lights HD is a new generation app, it incorporates useful and essential functions for your Android device: Relax, Music, Alarms and Widgets

– Relax Functions:
1) Light your room with its beautiful colours.
2) Take a break of 5 minutes of relaxation.
3) Manage and activate the alarm sounds with a lot of relaxing and stylish.
4) Add the clocks on the main screen widgets Relax Lights.
5) Listening to your music.
6) Listen to soothing sounds.

– Widget Set Features:
Smart Battery Widget
1) Monitoring the battery status in real time
2) Monitoring function in the active device and its consumption
3) Ability to connect the widget to your Twitter profile. The process of connection between Twitter and Widget is very simple:
1) Create the widget on the desktop –
2) Turn on Twitter checkbox –
3) Click on “Get Twitter Pin” –
4) Copy the generated PIN from Twitter –
5) Return BACK to the configuration of widget by pressing 2 times on the “back” button of your device
6) Write/paste your PIN in the appropriate area and click save. Now the state of your battery will be reported in real time on Twitter.

Alarm Clock:
1) Setting the date / time.
2) Choosing activity or reminders associated with the Alarm.
3) Choose from more than 10 alarms.
4) The alarm remains active with the application closed (if you turn off the phone the alarm will be deleted!)
5) Repeat the alarm until the cancellation notice.

1) Select from 4 different styles of watch.
2) Directly from the selectable list of Android widgets.
3) When you touch clock opens the application.
Relax Function: This function is revolutionary for the world of relaxation of Smartphones & Tablets. The function is able to project bright and fluid colours, accompanied by a harmony of sweet sounds. Transform your room into an exciting place to relax.
Widgets: Relax Lights has been given a Widget Set complete, functional and beautifully designed. The Widget Set includes an alarm clock, a watch, the Smart Battery: this can provide the exact status of the battery on the main screen, tapping the widgets we can see all processes on the device and its consumption and especially The widget can be connected to your Twitter account to send status messages to your friends of your battery.
Developed by Team2Soft – us on FaceBook!
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