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20 Jan


Rock Paper Scissors Online

January 20, 2012 | By |

– Single player
– multiplayer
– Smart Lobby System
– Player vs. Player
– Dynamic Leaderboard
– Dynamic History in the match
– Personal Log (data are not used for Commercial Purposes)
– Monthly update
– Smart Game Entries

With the help of the users Team2Soft managed to finish the beta version and now We have an online gaming service operating at 100%.

Rock Paper Scissors Online game is a new concept created to allow the user to play many games in a short time. “Rock Paper Scissors Online” is the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors, but played in real-time online multiplayer.
The game has been designed to accommodate a lobby where each player can enter: the system will automatically show in the cloud all the online players waiting for an opponent. Since then, the player can invite one of the players waiting to play and within seconds the match begins. The innovative system also allows automatic notifications to be able to leave the game in the background: this allows to use the device while remaining in the Lobby of Rock Paper Scissor waiting for other players. The moment a player invites you to play a notification will alert the invitation that you can accept or decline.
Coming soon: Stronger players will have access to a system of rewards that consist in allowing players to show off Rock Paper Scissors and more beautiful and luxurious, depending on the number of victories.