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01 Feb


Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals] (from LifeHacker)

February 1, 2014 | By |

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

While not everyone will agree with its ethos, the Microsoft Surface Pro is one of your few good options if you want a bona fide Intel-powered desktop in a tablet form factor. If you want to take it for a spin, Best Buy and Microsoft are selling the 128GB first gen model today for just $500, which is the best price we’ve ever seen. If you do get one, don’t forget to pick up a Type Cover as well.P

Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB | $500 | Also available at Best BuyP

Welcome to io9 DealsP

We’re very excited to introduce our latest segment, which will be bring all our awesome deals coverage to io9 readers, with deeper coverage of books, comics, graphic novels, board games, movies, TV, toys, action figures, tabletop, and more. Check it out.P

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

If you don’t mind buying refurbished, you can get a Roku 3 today from Newegg for less than the price of a Roku 2, complete with a motion sensing remote, USB and ethernet ports, and the fastest processor in the Roku line. P

Refurb Roku 3 | $70 with Promo CodeEMCPWGW37P

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

There are slightly more powerful laptops out there, but nothing in the gaming sphere comes close to the fit and finish of the Razer Blade. Today, Microsoft is taking $200 off the 256GB model. P

Razer Blade 8GB RAM/256GB SSD | $1800P

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

The compact and popular Logitech K360 wireless keyboard is back down to an all-time low of $20 today on Amazon. You might want something a little bigger for your main PC, but this is tailor-made for a home theater PC, or when you’re using a laptop and really want a number pad. P

Logitech K360 Keyboard | $20P

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

Best Buy has slashed prices of every MacBook by $100 today, and the 21.5″ iMac by $150 as part of their 2-Day Doorbuster event. We’ve seen slightly better deals on Macs in the past, but rarely on the entire lineup, so if you’re in the market for a new computer, this is a great time to buy. As usual, if you have access to a .edu email address, you can get an additional $50 off the laptops as well. P

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]

If you’ve been itching to outfit your home with a SONOS sound system, Target is giving away $50 gift cards with the purchase of a PLAY:3 or PLAY:5 speaker. That $50 also happens to be just the right amount to get a SONOS BRIDGE as well.P

$50 Target gift card with purchase of a SONOS PLAY:3 or PLAY:5P

Surface Pro for $500, Roku 3, iMacs and MacBook All On Sale [Deals]SEXPAND

We’re currently accepting nominations for the best gaming headset. Head over to the voting page and vote for your favorite. P




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31 Jan


Tablet deals of the week: 01.31.14 (from Engadget)

January 31, 2014 | By |

Been considering a slate-style purchase? Well, today may be the time to make the leap. While Microsoft’s Surface Pro (no, not the deuce) gets a massive discount, and may very well be the most attractive tablet/hybrid buy of the week, we’ve nabbed a few other options too. Take a look at the other side of the break for discounts on the rest of the lot.

Just window shopping? No worries. Join us and add the gadgets you’re shopping for to your “Want” list; every time there’s a price cut in the future, you’ll get an email alert!


Price: $500
Regular Price: $900
Engadget Global Score: 75
Buy: Best Buy

It’s not the Surface Pro 2 that was announced last fall, but it’s still a stellar deal at $400 off of the regular price, and the device still isn’t a year old. If you’ll recall fromour review, we were high on the 128GB version with its solid performance despite abysmal battery life of just under four hours. To see how this model stacks up with the current-gen models, take a gander at our comparison tool.


Price: $112
Regular Price: $250
Engadget Global Score: 73
Buy: Amazon

2013’s Kobo Arc mustered a better effort than the disappointing Vox, but it still wasn’t enough to compete with the 7-inch Android slate elite. However, with a 50 percent discount, this now-$112 16GB option may be worth a look for e-reading and tablet-style media consumption. Add the Arc (64GB version pictured) to the compare tool to pit it against the rest of the top-rated Android devices.

NEXUS 7 (2012)

Price: $169
Regular Price: $249
Engadget Global Score: 88
Buy: Amazon

Once heralded as the best $200 tablet you can buy, the 32GB version of the original ASUS Nexus 7 is now priced well below the 16GB current-gen model. This 2012 version sports better battery life than the newer slate and you’ll still get a bite of KitKat, too. Take a look at how the two Nexus tablets compare right here.


Price: $229
Regular Price: $269
Engadget Global Score: 74
Buy: Amazon

If you don’t mind those pesky special offers and 16GB of storage, our price drop tool alerted us to Amazon cutting the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 by $40 earlier this week. Willing to hold out for a bigger discount? Add one to your “Want” list and you’ll get the next price drop alert when we do.

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28 Jan


Surround Sound Under $300, Chromecast, Nexus 7, Xbox One (from Gizmodo)

January 28, 2014 | By |

Surround Sound Under $300, Chromecast, Nexus 7, Xbox One [Deals]SEXPAND

Today only, Amazon will sell you this excellent JBL 5.1 surround system for just $280. Hard to believe at one time this set went for 1200 bucks, but regardless, this is a great deal for anyone looking for better sound and minimal wallet pain. [Amazon]

Surround Sound Under $300, Chromecast, Nexus 7, Xbox One [Deals]

Today’s Amazon Gold Box features SSDs, SD cards, and external hard drives from Transcend, all at great prices. Here’s the complete list:

Surround Sound Under $300, Chromecast, Nexus 7, Xbox One [Deals]SEXPAND

If you’re going to pick up a One anytime soon, you may as well save 20 bucks. Newegg’s eBaystorefront has the new console for $480- one of the first deals available on Microsoft’s latest. You can also pick up the One bundled with 12 months of Gold at Best Buy for $520, or pick upa year of LIVE by itself for $40 at Amazon.




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